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Mission Statement

Integrate innovative technologies to improve observation, intervention, analytic and data storage in agriculture work methods.

The Race is on . . .

The 2016 agBOT Challenge is a competition for development of an unmanned crop seeder.

The 2017 agBOT Challenge will consist of two competitions: a competition for development of an unmanned crop seeder and a competition for pest and weed identification and eradication.

The 2018 agBOT Challenge will be a competition for pest and weed identification and eradication and a second competition for harvest method robotics.

Enabling and Engaging today’s Farmer

The need to produce food faster and easier in imperative; reliable labor is harder to find and wages are rising. While the agricultural field has gradually migrated toward farming supervision based on site specific crop management, the transition toward advanced robotics technology has been sluggish.

The agBOT Challenge will deliver a combination of progressive machinery with the software required to process data needed to virtually and economically manage crops. Unmanned equipment through the usage of advanced communications systems will support all farmers!

The outcomes of the agBOT Challenge will be:

  • Equipment capable of providing real time data and analysis to farmers
  • Lowered cost of capital equipment
  • Innovation of new labor supply to the farm
  • Solutions to the availability of precision ag Software
  • Increased efficiency with rural high-speed internet access

Environmental benefits include:

  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Less soil compaction
  • Decrease in erosion
  • Reduction in use of harmful chemicals
  • Diminished dependency on fossil fuels

Agricultural Robotics will decrease the volume of labor, making farming faster and more accurate.

Agricultural Trailblazing through Technological Innovations

With a nine billion global population by the year 2050, the time has arrived to support our farmers with an infusion of today’s best resources. While there have been enormous advances in agriculture in recent times, we now need to progress our production and better safeguard our environment. Although agricultural machinery has witnessed a radical makeover from the days of a crude plow pulled by an animal, developing the means to more efficiently plant seed and provide husbandry to the crop is imperative. Evolution of agricultural practices allows for greater sustainability in a depleting world of farming circles.

The agBOT Challenge will set the tone in the development of autonomous farming which provides our future stewards the tools and technology that enables farms of any size to be successful.