Weed & Feed Competition 2017


1st Place Champions

2nd Place

3rd Place

The Weed and Feed Competition challenges teams to produce an unmanned, robotic device (aka “agBOT”) that will:

I. Autonomously maneuver two or four 1000-ft rows at a time and autonomously turn at each end. The agBOT shall make four 1000-ft passes at a speed between three and a half to ten miles per hour

II. Autonomously observe crop plants and fertilize plants as needed

III. Identify three common weeds: giant ragweed, cocklebur and a third to be announced, within the row and between the rows

IV. Arrange for weed to die either chemically or mechanically as the agBOT moves through
the field

V. Provide real time observation methods of fertilizing and/or treating the plants back to the base station


Competitors for 2017







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